Introduction to Linux

Linux is a free operating system like windows xp or vista. It was started by Linus Torvalds a Unix kernel hacker. His creation was named Minix. Later developed into a stable, scalable, multi threaded, multitasking and powerful operating system called Linux. Though Linus have never thought it would be so popular, Linux now is the first choice in super computers and server computers.

Unlike Windows, which is owned by Microsoft; Linux does not have any owner. There are numerous distributions of Linux which bundle applications and supporting documents called packages and give their distribution a name. Some of the famous names of Linux distributions are Fedora, OpenSuSe,Mandravia, FreeBSD, Ubuntu and counting.

What makes Linux so different is that implementation of UNIX. It was and still is developed cooperatively by a group of volunteers, primarily on the Internet, who exchange codes, report bugs, and fix problems in an open-ended environment.

Linux model of software development discards the entire concept of organized development, source code control systems, structured bug reporting and statistical quality control. Linux was a hacker’s operating system in the past which is now more and more growing to be desktop computer.

There is no single organization responsible for developing Linux. Anyone with enough know-how has the opportunity to help develop and debug the kernel, port new software, write documentation and help new users.

So join the fare, no matter what skill you have, the primary concern would be have fun 🙂