Your Hardware and Linux Installation

After you get Linux, you must have to know a little more about how things work in Linux even before you think about installing Linux into your system.

About planning I don’t think there is anything to tell you. Any pilot will tell you that the landing is just as good as the takeoff. The same line is true for Linux. Be ready to begin with a determination, for sure you will end up in immense satisfaction.

Determine how much of space you will dedicate to Linux. Linux file systems are really flexible and secure. And also Linux does not need a large hard disk in order to fit in.

Under Linux, devices are special files. Hard drives are treated as files and are referred by name as any other devices. Devices are categorized in two types, blocks and characters. Actually this division is due to the way the device communicates, in blocks of data or individual characters. Don’t worry they are created automatically during installation.

Also it is good to Google around if your device is supported by Linux or not and if you have to apply some tweaks during installation. Doing some research is always good. If not don’t worry, Linux supports most hardwares so, I don’t think you will have any problem.