Linux File systems

After you come to the world of Linux, things are quite different. The file systems used by windows are very few and yet they are given little emphasis while you are installing windows. In Linux choosing correct file systems is crucial. Some file systems are not Linux native and are not used to install Linux, for example the NTFS which windows NT and higher uses. In windows a little distinction is made between whether a drive is physical or logical (partition). Under Linux physical and logical drives are much less rigidly designated.

A hard disk have cylinders in it. The starting cylinders are usually assigned for the boot process. After that to assign a new file system to the cylinders your starting point will be the number of cylinders used by the boot, the ending is the number of cylinders your hard disk have.

There are many file systems like ext2, ext3, swap, RAID, JFS and much much more. Remember ext2 and 3 and native Linux file system. RAID is a new file system.