Linux partition

Even before you think about partitioning in Linux you must know what it is. Where you will find your drives and what are the possible problems.

Well, Linux is installed in a folder called “/” or root folder. From there all other sub folders or drives can be accessed as a folder only. For example if you create a new drive like “D:” in windows, then you have to assign a mount point if you want to view files and folders in this drive. And if you assign this drive a mount point at “/windows” then you will see a folder called windows in the root folder. And all your files will be here only.

A “/home” folder is also in the root folder. Under this home folder you will see another folder with your user name in it. This is your home directory which is also visible in the desktop after you install Linux. All your settings and documents will be saved in your home directory.

Be sure when you define a mount point for your drives you don’t use the default Linux directories names. The forbidden ones are /bin,/dev,/etc,/lib,/lost+found,/proc,/root, and /sbin.