Obtaining Linux

So, where do you get this free thing?

OK, I understand that after you learn about Linux you would like to get one huh! Good.

Somebody said, “Best things in world are for free”, don’t know what he is talking about but ye you are true if you are talking about Linux. Most Linux distros are free except some which comes with nominal price and enterprise level support system. This is far better than buying windows, which has a high price and still a bunch of paid software to purchase to really make it working.

Before you want to obtain a Linux distro think again about your limitations and facilities you have around. If you have a high speed internet facility try out downloading the latest ISO from your favorite distro’s download page. If not, you can ask for or buy Linux from a local facility which should not charge you very high. Actually, Linux distros are sold in prices slightly more than the cost of burning the ISO files into the CD/DVD.

To obtain a CD/DVD or ISO, try the download sections of your Linux distribution namely, Fedora, Ubuntu, SuSe, Debian, Mandrake, Gentoo etc.. A little goggling around is enough.