Swap Patition in Linux

Swap partition is meant for speed. Only in Linux, a file system is there which is completely dedicated for speed. You must give thought to a swap partition. Like RAM or Random Access Memory that is a physical device attached to your system, swap partition gives space to applications and your system so that they can write informations in there and speed up whenever they want. Most Linux programs are specially written in order to utilize this facility.

It will not mean that creating large spaces for swap partition could make your computer infinitely fast. The basic concept is that a swap partition should not be more than four times the size of your RAM space. For example if your RAM is 256MB try a swap partition of a giga.

Softwares like the gimp which is photo manipulation software in Linux uses a large amount of swap so that it is many times faster to use and load compared to Adobe Photoshop. This is a significant change I guess.