IRC or Internet Relay Chat

IRC or Internet Relay Chat is a form of internet chat through synchronous conferencing (that happens in real time before your eyes). IRC was created to replace the bulletin board system that was used as multi user talk. IRC is transmitted among user assigned groups called channels. You have to assign yourself a nick name in a channel and you can start talking to many people who are willing to talk to you. You can also have a one to one private talk and also send files to each other in the IRC. There are some IRC clients where you have to login coz they are really private.

The basic means of communication in an established IRC session is a channel. Channels in a server can be displayed using the command /list [#string] [-min #] [-max #] that lists all currently available channels, optionally filtering for parameters (#string for the entire or part of the name, with wildcards, and #min / #max for number of users in the channel).

In Linux most distributions have their own IRC channels and many have localized them so that you can find an IRC channel that represents your locality. They are extremely helpful and a great way to communicate each other. In an IRC chat you will have chance to solve your problems and if you know be able to help others solve their problem. Linux chats are really the best implications of IRC. You are encouraged to use them and fix many bugs and solve unlimited number of problems you have encountered.