KDE for Linux

KDE is a contemporary desktop environment for UNIX and Linux workstations. KDE stands for K Desktop Environment where K does not mean anything significant. KDE seeks to fill the need for an easy to use desktop for Unix workstations, similar to the desktop environments found under the Mac OS or Microsoft Windows. We believe that the UNIX and Linux operating systems is the best operating system available today. In fact Unix has been undisputed choice of the information technology professional for many years.

When it comes to stability, scalability and openness there is no competition to Linux. However, the lack of an easy to use contemporary desktop environment for Linux has prevented it from finding its way onto the desktops of the typical computer user in offices and homes. Linux dominates the server market and is the preferred computing platform for computing professional and scientists.

Without Linux the internet development would be in minor. Together with a free implementation of Linux, KDE constitutes a completely free and open computing platform available to anyone free of charge including its source code for anyone to modify.

While there will always be room for improvement we believe to have delivered a viable alternative to some of the more commonly found and commercial operating systems/desktops combinations available today. The combination of Linux/KDE will finally bring the same open, reliable, stable and monopoly free computing to the average computer user that scientist and computing professionals world-wide have enjoyed for years.