Network Linux Commands

Simple Linux commands that are used in network administration are given below. This is specially for the beginners not for advanced users, as I think it is “what’s new” type of thing for them.

  • netstat: It displays the summary of network sockets and connections.
  • nslookup: Checks the domain name and IP information of a server
  • ping: Sends special test packs to a server to check if it is responding properly
  • route: Lists the routing tables for your server
  • traceroute: Traces the existing network routing for a remote or local server
  • dig: DNS lookup utility
  • ftp: Enable ftp access to another server
  • w: Shows who is currently logged in and from where
  • who: Shows who is on the server in the shell
  • hostname: Tells the user the hostname they are logged into
  • whois:Used to look up the contact information from the “whois” databases.