WordPress stuffs

WordPress is a free blogging tools that is available freely to download including its templates. When downloaded you will see that there are some special files which are installed in your system. These files have certain importance and you need to know what they are if you are sincere in terms of blogging about.

  1. Style.css: The main style sheet file
  2. Index.php: Home page file
  3. Single.php: Single post page file
  4. Archive.php: Archive/Category file
  5. Searchform.php: Search Form file
  6. Search.php: Search content file
  7. 404.php: Error page file
  8. Comments.php: Comments template file
  9. Footer.php: Footer content file
  10. Header.php: Header content file
  11. Sidebar.php: Sidebar content file
  12. Page.php: Single page file

Some extra stuffs

  • Include a File: <?php include(TEMPLATEPATH .’/x’);?>
  • Custom permalinks: /%postname%/
  • Value for search form: <?php the_search_query();?>
  • Prints out message: <?php _e(‘Message’); ?>
  • Displays the register link: <?php wp_register();?>
  • Displays the login/logout link: <?php wp_loginout(); ?>
  • Divides the content into pages: <!–next page–>
  • Adds a more tag: <!–more–>
  • Meta for administrators: <?php wp_meta();?>
  • Time to load the page: <?php timer_stop(1);?>
  • Queries to load the page: <?php echo get_num_queries(); ?>