XFS File System

XFS is one of the oldest journalizing file system in Unix. Though not completely supported by RHEL and only an experimental write support by Free BSD, it is a choice available in Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, Gentoo, SuSe and others.

It is a 64-bit file system and supports a maximum file system size of 8 exabytes (that is 1000 to the power of 6) minus one byte, though this is subject to block limits imposed by the host operating system. On 32-bit Linux systems, this limits the file and file system sizes to 16 terabytes.

XFS appears to be the most appropriate file system to install on a file server for home or small-business needs :

  • It uses the maximum capacity of your server hard disk(s)
  • It is the quickest FS to create, mount and unmount
  • It is the quickest FS for operations on large files (>500MB)
  • This FS gets a good second place for operations on a large number of small to moderate-size files and directories
  • It constitutes a good CPU vs time compromise for large directory listing or file search
  • It is not the least CPU demanding FS but its use of system resources is quite acceptable for older generation hardware
Information collected from Debian website and wikipedia.