Introducing Drupal

When I heard of Drupal I thought it would be fun to try. I am an easily excited type of guy. Thus, no wonder I tried it. Drupal is a CMS or content managment system. Drupal comes in a very small size compared to many other cms available in internet for free. There are cms like joomla and mambo which are really heavy whereas, wordpress and drupal are easy to install and administer.

Drupal comes in a very cute theme and it’s transparent type of look made me its fan since the first sight. Then I tried to build a site upon it. Drupal was good at forum creation, multiuser, threaded discussion site and even good for blogging. But somehow I could not post images to the blog just attach it with mine. Interesting, for me. Actually my users could attach files for sharing and people could download it. Also coz there was no image displayed, the website could load very fast and run easily. People won’t panic with flashing images and light.

Drupal could turn out to be great use for me when I was searching for a bulletin board site. Actually I could make bulletin boards easily with Drupal and manage it quite seamlesslly. New Idea for me and new hope. I think this will work. Drupal is completely written in PHP and connects with MySQL, Postgre and many relational databases.

There was also number of supporting sites, theme sites and a powerful user groups and discussion forums in the Drupal community. Drupal is good to try if you are serious about web development.