What is a CMS

CMS or content management system is a system used in order to manage contents that are kept in a website. Many websites are using CMS these days. Some have built their own and some use CMS that are available in the internet.

WordPress, Mambo, Joomla, Drupal and others are used as content managment system. They are free to download and use from the internet. They also have a very large user community so regular support are achievable. Many powerful and gorgious themes suitable for all types of websites are available to download for free or in nominal price.

If you are using a website and you came across problems when handling large number of pages that are in your website, or maybe out of the blue you just wanted to change the theme. You will have to do a lot of work even if the website is some pages big.

Just imagine if you could do this all in a couple of minutes. Obviously, this could be a great relief won’t it be! So these CMS are alternatives to making large websites and creating your own content management system. Remember to choose that specific one which fulfills your requirement.

WordPress is good for blog, Joomla and Mambo are used if you have large websites and Drupal is highly configurable light weight CMS. Choice is yours!