Programming session in Biratnagar

Due to the excitement within, I went to biratnagar a day before the actual program started. Although Biratnagar is always hot, rainfalls were significantly making us feel cool… We tried to setup linux terminal server but in vain: even if we did not sleep upto 1 in the morning only connectivity could be established and nothing further to do.

To sleep with something done sucessfully we setup internal modem of Prahmod and it was up and running and get into the bed.

There were approximately 40 participants in the program, with at least a programming know how in any common language environment and can be considered advanced Windows programmers but less familiar with Linux. Every one were quite in jolly mood and things started to get heat when show time came. The management was superb and I think the university is a great place to be in.

The program covered the following and the need for extra more — deeper!deeper!! was felt:-

1. Compiling Hello World Programs in Java/C/C++ in Linux with gcc, g++ and javac
2. Some functions and informations about python: Introductory Programming in Python
3. Shell Commands (I/O Redirection)
4. Shell Scripting (Aliases and functions)
5. Introduction to Linux Motto! FOSS and much more…

Lastly I also met with the campus chief and heard some positive signs from him. I think nixdharan can have people like him in the team and benifit a lot.