Thanks guys of Kathmandu!

When our head was busted with troubles setting up terminal server, for asking some help I could think of Surmandal. I hurrily called him and got him in his mobile.He tried to give me all the lines of dhcp.conf and I did what he said. Yet it was not working..

Next call and he told me that he will find some help. Because we were in a room where internet was not available we could do noting but wait and keep crossing our fingers. Again Surmandal called us and said he has sent some messages (SMS’s) to me and we can do what it says. And yes, six messages came simultaneously. All the code carved in them, blishfully.

We did all the steps but could do nothing. Maybe we did make some mistakes.When we looked at our watch it was already more than 1:00 am so, we give up. Next morning, In my mail box I saw that surmandal had sent me the codes. This time with this code we could manage to connect two computers but still the kernel could not be detected remotely and we changed our concept of terminal server.

Anyway! I could not stop myself from thanking surmandal, Ankur and Sishir who were continously helping us. This spirit of Linux community has always inspired me. Great help guys don’t worry, there is always a next time.