About microblogging

Twitter is still missing something. The initial experience of using the site’s interface can be daunting and there seems to be quite an uphill struggle to reach an acceptable level of competence. Until users discover software applications and other ways of accessing their accounts through the Twitter API they miss out on essential features such as the ReTweet button. Consequently I believe that some people will simply never “get it”.

— Dan Monsieurle (Link)

Above quote is from an old blog from Dan Monsieurle from telegraph uk. Maybe now we have come to a point where we accept twitter enough to  get addicted with it.

When google experimenting with JaikuEngine and twitter’s plan to sell itself to google, others like identica working on top of laconi.ca and facebook, yahoo with it’s new looks; the fever is set and people are out wild with the new trendy micro-blogging. It has not only been a geek’s experimento but also professonal’s active profiling and companies around the world are using it as a marketing strategy. This 140 character maestro is making the pace of development a really steep and valuable.

Microblogging was inspired by sms (Short messaging system) and it mainly targeted youth. The idea was that the wall crazy people at facebook will get attracted in this little concept. Though research says that youth are not using twitter quite a lot, It’s not embarassing, as twitter and other microblogging tools are quite boring, like the girl in your highschool who seems ugly on early days and later on she gets upon your head and never gets off. Ah .. Bad example!

Twitter has already been able to create a mass phenomenon in the internet when many internet personality switching to it every now and then. We have seen a trend of uploading pictures to tweets. People are now using there camera and getting creative. They can upload their pictures wherever they happen and get comments about it from thier friends and people around the globe. The news about the plane crash in america was first broken from twitter. We can see weather updates with twitter updates in bbc weather news.

But i am seeing a new trend emerging, a video microblogging. Youtube generation is getting a nifty touch with comments in it’s priority. People have a high tech gadget in their hand, their cell phone. They have internet, they have camera, they have friends waiting to comment and doing nothing. 😛 . So this generation is in dire need of this sort of service. When the clouds will go away and a new day shines in the sky of video broadcasting speed and quality, obviously microvideo services will yell into the market and get a respectable position. Well there are some services i have heard of like juicecaster but never tried. Still waiting to see what will come next.

Though it might seem wierd but twitter almost always have to reply the first question of a new comer “Why would you want everyone to know what you’re doing?”