Next Top Trends in Science and Technology

As we all know, trends are things that matters the society the most. Actually, it is not who matters but society shapes the trends and to understand the flow of society, analysis and importance of trends grow by folds. I came across the future trends things in the internet. Sort of ran into it.


Technology with it’s frogleap, is being quite unsually complex to predict, at what end will it come out. But some ideas are already created. Some have florished from the 80’s, some are younger when they belong to 90’s and this millenium. Some forcastable conditions are:

1. The smaller reveiled
As suggested by the name, nano technology is the science of small things. In the future almost everything including food, drugs, clothes,
machines … will have nanotech built-in. They will not only be a household item but also be integrated to ourselves as unseperable.

2. Singularity
The rise of machines, where machines will not only be intelligent than humans but also achieve rapid growth, conciousness and the power to replicate itself.

3. Discipline convergence
We have seen subjects converging with each other already. For example engineering has converged with computing and in future we will see nanotech which
will be a convergence of biology-physics-engineering-chemistry and lot others.

4. Universe answered
We already know universe and it’s unpredictabiligy. This won’t be so, the queries about the universe and the smaller fractions like quarks will end forever but we still
can’t predict what will happen next.

5. Geo Tagging
You will no more be in congnito, world will find out exactly where you are through RFID. This won’t make life hard coz you can choose what to make public. This will
help you open doors at office, home and banks.

6. Device Convergence
Ya, we know it’s happening. For e.g. your iphone can call someone, play music, play games and browse the internet. This seriously is a convergence.

7. Time traveling
Though it might seem fantasy, but physics is damn sure it happens. Theoritical physicist have claimed and devoted their lives for this.

8. Human Genetics
Humans will be able to regenerate their body parts and clone themselves too. We will have genetically engineered childs. Looks weird but true

There are limitations here, coz future can be predicted from all sort of angles, disciplines, perspectives and majors.
Please put your view in the comment.


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