10 finest Gifts for the geeks (Under $10)

So what does a geek want? Don’t know in certain than try out the new Under $10 Gifts from thinkgeek. If you have already been to thinkgeek.com you might have realized the wonderful and exciting things they collect which are humorously creative. Obviously, the gifts that I am talking about are also salient yet pleasing to any geek or nerd around. Some of my personal favourite are:-


1. Albert Einstein action figure: Dressed for intense classroom action, this Albert Einstein Action Figure stands with a piece of chalk in his hand, poised to explain relativity or do battle with the forces of entropy

2. 3-D Paper Notepad: Now you can practice origami in the office and make use of all the old sticky notes you have plastered to your desk. Each pad has printed instructions on each sheet for 10 different origami shapes. From UK-based design company Suck UK.

3. Control-A-Cat-Remote: Simply point at your cat, press buttons on the remote and hope for the best. With buttons for “Stop Scratching”, “Show Affection”, “Remain Aloof” and others, you’ll be in control in no time. It’s finally your turn to make your cat do what you want.

4. Paper E-mail: Paper E-mail is perhaps the funniest way to pass messages in your office. Why? Because it will confuse the person you send it to. ‘Why didn’t they just e-mail this to me?’ they’ll wonder, ‘is their computer down?’

5. Star Wars dolls: Each one is officially licensed by Lucasfilm and crafted by only the finest plush-clone engineers Kamino has to offer. They are huggable and throwable and small enough to hide in a back pack or on your desk.

6. Infectious Cute Microbes: Most folks never realize how cute microbes can be when expanded 1,000,000 times and then fashioned into cuddly plush. Until now, that is. Keep one on your desktop to remind yourself that there is an “invisible” universe out there filled with very small things that can do incredible damage to much bigger things.

7. Tiny Remote: The Micro Spy Remote’s powers will work on a wide variety of televisions (Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba, Sanyo, Aiwa, Mitsubishi, Philips, JVC, Sharp, etc) and its small size will safeguard you against discovery. Remember, Agent 002, if you are caught, the Department will not save you. You are on your own. Good luck, Mr. Blond.

8. Usb SnowBot: Powered by a simple USB port, the Snowbot has a scanning light just like the robots from the future. You can change the speed of the scan, turn on/off the scanning noise, and (for future protection) change the scan color (red or blue). So no matter which robot army storms your home or office, a quick flick of a switch and you are rooting for the invader’s color.

9. Utili-Key 6-in-1 Tool: The lightest, most compact multiple tool ever developed! If you feel lost without your trusty knife at your side, this tiny multi-tool can give you some great company. Easily closes to attach to any key ring, making it super easy to carry.

10. Cool Shooters Ice Shotglasses: The two biggest problems in hosting a truly epic party are keeping the drinks cold, and glass breakage. So, the good scientists at ThinkGeek Hootenanny Industries, L.L.C. realized there was a need begging for a product. After weeks of study and drinking well into the night, we found the Cool Shooters Ice shotglasses tray.

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