Ubuntu 10.10. What I did to my computer.

After installing Ubuntu 10.10 into my computer the following are the list of software and tweaks i did to my computer. If you like it you can use it.

1. Installed Firefox addons:
a. Adblock Plus
b. DownloadHelper
c. Download Statusbar
d. FaviconizeTab
e. Fission
f. Greasemonkey
g. Omnibar
h. Smart Stop/Reload
i.  SmoothWheel
j.  Stylish (installed the style: Highlight Input&Textarea)
k. Firebug
l. FireFTP
m. Chromifox Basic

And Did the following Tweaks

Typed about:config in url bar and changed the following values

a. media.autoplay.enabled->false
b. network.buffer.cache.size->8192
c. network.http.max-connections-per-server->30
d. network.http.pipelining->true
e. network.http.pipelining.maxrequests->20
f.  network.http.pipelining.ssl->true
g. network.http.request.max-start-delay->2
h. plugins.hide_infobar_for_missing_plugin->true
i.  plugins.hide_infobar_for_outdated_plugin->true
j.  network.http.keep-alive->true
k. network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server->30

PS: you can enable pipelining for proxy in the same manner too.

2. Installed software in Ubuntu:
1. Gimp
2. Vlc Media Player
3. Docky
4. Clementine Music Player
5. Zeitgeist Engine
6. Gloobus-preview
7. elementary desktop
8. Nautilus elementary
9.  Elementary theme for nautilus
10  Recoll Search engine
11. Artha Dictionary
12. Hotot Twitter Client
13. Geany
14. Wine
15. CCSM
16. apt-fast
17. nautilus-script-manager
18. nautilus-terminal
19. skype
20. vim
21. Global-Menu Applet
22. Nmap
23. Ethereal
24. Wireshark
25. Experimental Plugins for Compiz
-> sudo apt-fast install compiz-fusion-bcop compiz-dev \
build-essential libtool \
libglu1-mesa-dev libxss-dev \
libcairo2-dev git-core
-> git close git://anongit.compiz.org/users/soreau/scripts
-> cd git
-> ./compiz-addons install all
26. Ubuntu Tweak
27. Pdf Suffler
28. axel
29. hugin
30. bum
31. pdfedit

3. Plugins/addons
a. Adobe Flash Plugin
b. OpenJDK
c. Gstreamer Plugins
d. Ubuntu Restricted Extras
e. Any hardware drivers which i may need

4. Addons for gedit
a. Auto Tab
b. Browser Preview
c. Class Browser
d. Tabs Extended
f.  File Browser Pane

5. Tweaks for ubuntu
a. Sanitize panels
b. Adjust fonts and resolution
c. Put up nice background picture
d. change vlc looks to minimalistic and without menus
e. change desktop edge settings
f. change number of workplaces and their arrangements
g. Increase memory size in ooffice and choose small icon sets
h. customize ooffice toolbars and fonts
i. Disable help agent in ooffice
j. Tweak vimrc file and bashrc files
k. Stop unused application from starting up